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Handle None
Real Name Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Occupation Wanderer

The Safety Net

Location Not fixed
Leviathan by beloved creature-d39y19b
Bio-Dragon Fortress
  • Dexterity - 1
  • Durability - 5
  • Mobility - 1
  • Power - 5
  • Recovery - 3
  • Size - 5
  • Speed - 5
  • Strength - 6
A.I. Type
  • Engineer
  • Cyber Brain
  • Advanced Suit Status
  • Floodlights
  • Sonar
  • Terminal
  • Defense Maze
  • Capacitor
  • Advanced Environmental Controls
  • 2 Medium drones (proximity mines)
  • 2 Scavengers
  • Fusion
  • Natural Weapons
  • Wave-motion Gun
  • Fins
  • Gill Systems


The Pilot

    1. Relations & Allies

The PilotEdit

The identity of Ryujin's pilot is a complete unknown.  He is never seen in the flesh and has never volunteered information about himself, leaving his A.I. Toyotama to act as an intermediary in all communications. 

Exceptions have never been seen in this behavior.  Even when carrying passengers, drones guard his internal systems and all aboard are closely monitored.  The most common explanations offered are that the pilot suffers from an extreme aversion to human contact or excessive paranoia - a few believe that there is no pilot, only an autonomous A.I. or something even stranger in control.

Ryujin seems content to wander the oceans, and is most commonly sighted salvaging things of value or apparent interest from the sea floor, which are either traded away or incorporated into the suit. 

Relations & AlliesEdit

Ryujin's pilot is solitary in the extreme, making only intermittent contact with the outside world.  He has never formally allied himself with any specific faction and communicates almost exclusively with members of the Safety Net.  The tiny number of people that have been inside Ryujin have included civilian scientists studying the ocean, Thunderbird Mail Service couriers, and in one odd instance, a strike force of crusaders. 

All other factions, even the Abyss, are kept politely at arm's length (and he has long arms.)