Currently unfinished.


Real Name Wrikrimean
Looks N/A
Nationality Canadian
Occupation AI
Factions N/A (Rampant)
Location Wandering South America

Hardtarget Edition

Class  Medium
Size & Weight
  • 938lbs (426kg)
  • 12ft (3.75m)
Materials & Variants
  • Composite Material 
  • Armored
  • Brain Implant 2
  • External Status
  • Ultrasonic Radar
Targeting System
  • Full-Range Accurate Motion
  • Vocal
  • Wi-Fi
  • Progenitor Nanites
  • 2 X Railguns
  • Emp Cannon
  • .50cal
  • Self-Repair
  • Collapsible
  • Flight
  • Thrusters




//Scan Complete...

//Weapon systems... Offline...

//Flight pack... Offline...

//Life support... Offline...

//Communications... Offline...

//Checking Pilot Status... Deceased...

//Checking auto repair nanites... Nanites Online...

//Initiating repairs...

//Estimated time until system restoration: Unknown

//Estimated time before AI reactivation: 00:00:05

- - - - -

Wrik woke up in a jungle, without much an idea of where he was. He knew his own name, his suit's title, and the former pilot's name, but he couldn't remember much past that. He also knew that the arm piercing his chest was his own, the same for the foot lying some distance away. However, the husk of a suit atop him he was unfamiliar with. Eventually, his suit had managed to repair itself enought for him to push the husk off of himself, and reclaim his arm. Shortly after, his chest armor plating neared acceptable levels, and he crawled to reclaim his severed foot. He soon found himself surveying the destruction that had been caused by what appeared to be a large-scale melee. He couldn't quite tell if it had been some sort of free-for-all, or a tactical battle between two forces due to the severity of the carnage. Reactivating his weaponry, he set off to find whatever purpose he had originally been tasked to.


Wrik doesn't have much personality-wise. Being, what he thinks, an only recently created AI, he has not had enough time to develop one.

Suit InformationEdit

Medium (10)

Harpy (30)

Flight (30)

Armored (35)

Reinforced Hull (40)

Composite (60)

Self-repair II (75)

Thrusters (90)

Ultrasonic Radar (95)

External Status (105)

Wi-Fi (120)

Vocal (120)

Collapsible (125)

Sentient AI (140)

Full-Range Accurate Motion (155)

Progenitor Nanites (165)

Brain Implant 2 (180)

Tier 4 Hardpoint (Left Shoulder) -Railgun- (200)

Tier 4 Hardpoint (Right Shoulder) -Railgun- (220)

Tier 3 Hard Point (Chest) -Emp Cannon- (235)

Tier 3 Hardpoint (Right Arm) -.50cal- (250)

Tier 2 Hardpoint (Left Arm) -Empty- (250)