Justice is more than a word. It's an ideal. And ideals are unbreakable.

The PilotEdit

Silver Knight
Handle Silver Knight
Real Name Mark W. Wolfe
Nationality American
Occupation Adventurer, Butler
Factions Elforce Alpha
Location S.S. Kshorwa Victory
The Paladin
  • Medium
  • Harpy
  • Armored
  • Mobile
  • Uptime/Downtime: 24h/1h
  • PR: 10
  • AV: 10 (12 on left side)
  • Lift: 907.0 kg/ 2000lb
  • Height: 7'00
  • Weight: 420 lbs / 190 kilos
  • Mobility: 52.5 m/s
  • Air supply: 2h
  • Brain Implant 1
  • External Sensors
  • Voice
  • Hydra Nanites
  • Progenitor Nanites
  • Sentient Ai
  • Durandal (L5 C.B.)
  • Ion Cannon
  • Full Range Automated Motion
  • Improved Hull
  • Flares
  • Physical Shield
  • Experimental Materials
  • Pressure Resistance
  • Self Repair II
  •  Flight
  • Thrusters

In life some men are born warriors and others... fumble their way across that path. Mark very much belongs to the second type. 

Once a normal, average guy, had you told him he'd one day pilot a piece of extraterrestrial armor he... He most likely would have jumped in joy at the prospect. Having been always a bit of a geek, Mark spent his days reading, creating and helping his middle class family at home.

However, when a pod crashed in his backyard he was thrown into a situation where he lacked any kind of former experience. At that moment, as the suit adapted around him, he was changed forever. In more than a way as his new pointy ears can attest to.

Confused, lost, and with many questions he knew but one thing: he now had a great power, and there would be people in need of saving. Alright, so maybe two things. But that matters not. Where the weak needed him, he would rise and fight for them. He would bring Justice no matter the personal price. 

Starting alone in his native California, helping wherever and whoever he could, eventually he found the Elforce first through Kamala's blog, and later through Aurora's videos. Convinced that they could help him get some answers, or at least understand what was going on with his new body, he set out with whatever he could carry in a backpack, deciding to find these like minded and like-bodied individuals. 

And, well, the promise of free pocky was too good to pass up so there's that.

With his new-found friends in the Elforce, he will find his place in this new world, and use the power his armor has given him to carve a better fate for the world just like the hero he always wished to be. But the path ahead will not be easy, and Mark's own naìvete and idealism might just be his own undoing...


Loyal, friendly and  quite smart, his qualities are offset by his innate awkwardness and inexperience, as well as the fact that he has a stubborn streak the size of a mile. 

This stubbornness extends to his very piloting and conduct, making him staunchly adherent to his own code of honor and chivalry on the battlefield.

His youth and rash temperament often work against him as well, making him overlook crutial information and commit mistakes that would have easily been avoided by someone with a cooler mind.

As of recently, however, he has been slowly getting over his issues; this change has been mostly instigated by his new responsabillites and need to prove himself.

Knight is, in the end, a kind outgoing person, as well as a bit of a coffee addict. A boy more suited to a life of tranquility and reflection than that of Heroism he has chosen.

But he wouldn't change it for anything in the world.


He has short messy black hair, which he is pretty fond of. Other than that, he is handsome looking, and is kind of short at just 5'6". (And growing! as he likes to remind people). However, two years of training and fighting in the suit have given him a well toned, if not really muscular body.

Mark prefers to dress in modest, comfortable clothing such as jeans and jackets; however, he is particularly fond of a black business suit his teammates had specifically tailored for him as a gift. How he doesn't trip over more than he already did without it is anyone's guess.

He used to wear a long trench coat, but after an incident at a Crusader base that resulted in The Steel Centurion himself giving him the "no capes rule" lecture, he has since stopped.

Other than that, he is not usually seen without a set of headphones around his ears. Although he insists they are only there because "[he] can't live without music", they also conceal his ears, which he has not yet gotten used to. This inexperience also extends to the other capabilities the Progenitor Nanites have since boosted.

The SuitEdit

The Paladin is more than just Mark's suit. It is his first, and oldest, friend in the new world after Suitfall. Originally landing in his backyard, he found the pod which declared him fit for duty as a Pilot after scanning him, afterwards letting him choose the path he'd take. But there was something special about the suit.

It was conscious. Beyond being a mere simple AI, Designation 73-CH4R was self concient.

Day after day, Mark spent whatever free time he had talking to the suit letting it know of his aspirations, his dreams, and his ideals. Little by little, he came to see it as more than a weapon. For him, Paladin represented all the new friends and opportunities the pod had given him.

It came as a bit of a surprise when 73 started analyzing patterns in Knight's tactics and ideals beyond its mission parameters. Even if at first it was indifferent, eventually  it started to care. It started to see Knight getting shot at, attacked, and insulted in defense of the innocent. It learned and it understood. It listened.

Until one day it, or rather She, decided to make contact with him. She knew She was a female because of the way She had once heard Mark call it "my waifu". At that stage, Paladin had not been able to understand the human concept of "a joke" and took it at face value, deciding to become his "wife". Investigating all she could about the subject on the World Wide Web, she prepared herself for the moment she'd be able to introduce herself.

Knight is still appalled at (and remembers fondly) the moment when Paladin finally introduced herself by yelling into his brain the words: "GOOD MORNING, MY HUSBAND! HOW MAY I BE OF SERVICE?!"

With its fast, hard specs, The Paladin excels at close combat, zooming around the battlefield and using the momentum to slash whatever comes close into bits or crush it with his shield, while being able to shrug small to medium sized arms fire.


"What can I say? Mom always did say a stranger is a friend you haven't met yet."

Kamalatmika: Respects the petite leader of the Elforce for her willingness to go all out, as well as her choice making abilities. Even so, sometimes he must play the role of the cool head (the irony does not go unnoticed) to June's more impulsive tendencies.

Lueur: Sees him as a surrogate little brother, something that Mark as an only child could only ever aspire to have. As such, even with Lueur being slightly older than him, Mark tends to spend a lot of time with the pilot of the New Hope, having formed a fraternal friendship with his fellow Elforce member.

Aurora Angel: he gets along just fine with the other founding member of the Elforce, even if she tends to be quite teasing of him on account of his youth and general awkwardness around most people when out of his suit.


Temple Wing: has worked several times alongside him, and considers him an intelligent, worthy leader, as well as a close, loyal friend. Even then, he hasn't been able to see his face, despite repeated attempts from Mark's end. Eventually, however, life acted against the two friends, splitting them apart forever.

Leviathan: Another of the friends that Mark made as an UN agent, he views Lev, as he calls him, as a grumpy, cynical elder brother or cousin. While he enjoys his company, he would much rather not have to go underwater whenever he wishes to share a cup of Joe with him... or rather, drink alone while talking to a huge, golden piece of armor.

Rain Moth: met the member of Wolfgang on yet another of his assignments, trying to hunt down the rogue hacker known as 404. However, it was during the Code 7 incident that they really bonded, and have fought together in several missions so far.

Gideon 020: Worked with him during his time as a UN liaison, and grew to have a secret, yet deep admiration for the pilot. He was one of the pilots called by the UN to deal with the events in Crimea, and as such, one of the few that know what happened there. Yet so far, he has refused to answer any inquiry as to the subject.

Faction relationshipsEdit

Major FactionsEdit

Outer Haven: He does not interact much with the mercenaries from Outer Haven, yet rumour has it he has family within the organization. Knight has so far made no attempts to deny or affirm this.

UNISSO: Has worked with them several times as a liaison, giving... less than stellar performances in his early missions. However, even if as of recently his piloting skill had seemed to improve slightly, after a mission gone sour in Crimea, he has refused to work or receive any kind of further payment. UNISSO has not made any attempts to change his attitude so far, nor do they seem willing to try, as he was not a particularly treasured or valued asset.

The Vox Populi: Mark, while understanding of what drives the Vox, cannot agree with their methods and their "The strong should rule over the weak" mentality. Ergo, he stays clear from Somalia unless necessity arises, having been one of the main opposers within the Elforce towards their politics.

Minor FactionsEdit

Crusaders : Mark has nothing but admiration for the Crusaders, seeing them as nothing short of the shining, bright examples of justice he aspires to be. This admiration, however, can lead to him being overtrusting of them and blinding him to the ultimate futility of their cause.


Abyss : He doesn't particularly enjoy spending time in the Sonata brothers' private mega city, yet deals with it for the sake of being able to see his friend Leviathan and obtaining goods he'd have trouble finding otherwise at even better prices, with coffee being his main concern.

Empyrean Knights:

Purifiers: Has fought them several times as of this writing. Ever since they started trying to track down his friends, the Purifiers are one of the few people Silver Knight will not hesitate to use force against.

Elforce: Mark's new found family, and closest friends. There is nothing he wouldn't do for them, and no extents he wouldn't reach to make sure they are safe, fed and happy. This he sees as his duty, and he performs it gladly.

Elforce Alpha
Pilots: Tankfag, Silver Knight, Mr. Engie, Kamala, Silver Harpy, Trap, Lueur, Yue

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