Stas / Evangelyne
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Evangelyne in standby/human form

Handle Stas / Evangelyne
Real Name Stas Björnson
Nationality Swedish
  • Comic Book Store Manager
  • UNISSO agent
Factions UNISSO
Location Stockholm

Evangelyne in suit mode, Stas Piloting.

Suit Name
  • Medium
  • Biped
  • Uptime/Downtime: 23/1
  • PR:10
  • AV:8
  • Lift:1500 kg
  • Height:230 cm
  • Weight: 200kg
  • Mobility: 45
  • Air supply: space module
  • Brain Implant V2
  • Enhanced Vision
  • X-Ray Vision
  • External Status
  • Voice
  • Universal Translator
  • Fusion
  • Sentinent AI
  • Self Repair rk. 2
  • Electron Shield
  • Preassure Shielding
  • Thrusters
  • Teleport Becon
  • Deep Sea/Space module
  • Flight

Stas & Evangelyne BjörnovEdit

"Pleasure to meet you, would you care for some lunch? Stas is amazing cook. Do you have any alergies or religious preferences?" ~Evangelyne greeting a guest Stas Björnson was the one who found the suit. After activation the AI he named Evangelyne became his adopted sibling and eventually citizen of Sweden. They are both independent individuals and a team.  Please make sure to follow the PACYOA Wiki Standards Guide when creating your pilot.


Evangelyne adopted a great portion of her personality from Stas. Ranging from cynical to humorous. Both participate in what would be called as a normal persons acitivities and pride themselves in being upright citizens. Their official occupation is managing a comic book store in central Stockholm and a smaller Model agenture. 

The price of Evangelynes recognition as a citizen was their involvment in the UNISSO. Stas undervent a second military education together with Evangelyne and entered the service of the UN as an agent of UNISSO together with her.


Most days Evangelyne chooses to remain in humanoid/stand by mode.  She only asumes suit mode when either of them are in danger.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Stas & Evangelyne are on friendly terms with the Swedish branch of the UNISSO. 

The SuitEdit

Evangelyne is capable of entering suite mode and operating separately from Stas at any given time. The suite has the outlook of a standard power armor and can extract a small combat drone. The drone has so far only been used as a means of crowd control.

Suit Crunch PDF Armored Descent (Revision 7)Edit

-10 Medium

-15 Brain V2

-25 Experimental armor

-15 Self Repair

-15 Preassure Shielding

-25 Energy shield

-5 Enhanced Vision

-5 Navigation

-5 X-ray

-10 External Status

-15 Levitation

-15 Teleport becon

-20 Deep Space mod.

-20 Flight

-20 Fusion

-5 Universal Translator

-15 Sentinent AI

-10 Combat Frone

- 20 Kinetic Strike Mod. mk IV