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Storm Caller
Name "Schreien Gegenseitig"  
Real Name Unknown
Nationality None Claimed / Pseudofae
Occupation Vox Republican Elite Soldier
Factions Vox Old Guard. Formerly Outer Haven. Leads the sub-group "Stormcell". Possible member of Pro Humanitas Imperium.
Location Voxsomalia

Suit Stats, Armored Descent 0.6

Armor Class Light
Armor Type Bipedal

Recharge Time: 30min/day

PR: 12

Lift: 1200lbs

AV: 9

Height: 6.1ft

Weight: 264lbs

Mobility: 45m/s

Air Supply: 1hr

Armor Bonuses




Interface Brain Implant mkII

Composite Grade Armor


Improved Hull


Pressure Shielding mkII


Thermal Vision


External Status



Universal Translator

Command Suite

Biologic Enhancements

Progenitor Nanites

Hyrda Nanites

Canvas Nanites


L HP3 Heavy Ballistics

R HP1 Kinetic Strike Module

C HP2 Electro Pulse

S HP1 Light Balistics

B HP3 Proximity Mine Launcher

Targetiing Dedicated Mental Tasking

Not much is known about the man calling himself "Schreien Gegenseitig". That he has taken both Canvas Nanites and Progenitor Nanites makes any attempts at determining his former identity useless. He first made his mark as a mercenary in the middle east conflicts, earning a reputation as a consumate soldier. Soon afterwards, however, he dissapeared, showing up later as a member of the newly founded Outer Heaven faction, where he fought as a squad leader amongst other suit-users.
Not long after joining Outer Haven, however, Schreien left the mercenary unit for Voxsomalia, taking at least one member of his Haven squad with him and throwing his lot in with the newly-established government there. It was only in the war-torn, lawless land left over immediately after the take-over that he revealed his political ambitions of conquering the world governments and replacing humanity with a "Master Race" of nanite-enhanced psuedofae such as himself. The squad of elite pseudofae Vox Soldiers he leads refer to themselves as the "Stormcell", with Schreien their leader in his "Storm Caller" suit personna.

He fights for the Vox out of convenience only, with the not-very secret goal of recruiting more followers into his Stormcell group. Considering that the Vox Populi manifesto stresses equality for every man, its unknown how long he will be tolerated amongst the revoloutionist faction while he continues to push his agenda. He has sympathetic leanings towards the Vox Radicals, feeling that their ideals match his more closely, and that the smaller, less stable group might be easier to gain control of.


The "Storm Caller" is externally a typical light-class power armor. However, if one were to examine the suit closer, they would notice the numerous defensive features present; the suit has a defensive rating matching that of a suit one size catagory higher. Contrast to its unusually high defenses, the Storm Caller is relatively lightly armed; using only a Heavy Machine gun and proximity mines as its main offensive weapons. This however, does not mean that the Storm Caller is not a dangerous enemy. Scheien has molded himself as the leader of a new age (like many amongst the Vox) and is an effective field commander and solo combatant. He relies heavily on his experience on the battlefield as well as the capabilities of his suit. He is not above abusing allies outside of his squad and encourages the use of terror tacitcs when brute force is not enough to route the enemy. The Storm Caller's secret weapon is also its namesake; it has the ability to discharge a wave of cackling lighting that stuns humans and fries unshielded electronics, making dispatching ordinary humans childishly easy. Against suited foes, this tacitc does not work and the Storm Caller relies on his teamates more heavily, or uses hit-and-run tactics when on his own to make up for his lighter armament.


Given his unusual allias, Schreien is obviously not a what could be called a normal person. He was right at home amongst the more hard-bitten mercenaries of Outer Heaven, though he did not shy away from voicing his political opinions, which kept him unpopular there. He wears a cool face and professional demeanour most of the time, but lets this drop on the battlefield, where he lets his viscious side loose. He has more experience fighting un-suited, un-enhanced humans, and regards them as weak and inferior, as a wolf might view sheep. To those who have become Psuedofae through the use of pregenitor nanites, he will make every attempt to sway them to his ideals before resorting to hostilities.


 Made up of Schreien's Vox Populi squad, Stormcell's goal is the uplifitng and replacement of humanity with Psuedofae through the use of nanotechnology. Stormcell is a very small group, as it is made up exclusively of those who have been injected with Progenitor Nanites to become Pseudofae. Since this process is unable to be replicated with current technology, Stormcell must recruit from the small group of people within the Vox that have already become "elves", making its growth extremely slow. It is highly likely that they had a part to play in the Nano-bomb that depopulated Nairobi. If the group does indeed have connections to Pro Humanitas Imperium, this would earn them the ire of the Vox Republic and Anarchist himself, no matter how useful they have proven thus far.

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