"Kicking ass and taking names. I'm living the life."

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RAMM Warglaive Ascendant


Stratovarius Espera is a pilot for the Empyrean Knights . He has messy red hair, grey eyes, and always wears a signature red leather jacket when out of his suit. Strato has a reputation for being a fearsome fighter in the field, calling his tactics "berserk warfare." Off the field, he's quite sarcastic, and a bit of a ladies' man, and has gotten a lot of hate because of it. Nevertheless, nobody doubts his skills as a very capable pilot, as Strato has over 20 confirmed kills to his name and works often as a hitman-for-hire, often targeting leaders of suit cults in the name of the Knights. There are also rumors that he used to be a high-ranking crime lord in The Pack before he joined the Knights, but that is unconfirmed.

Strato is a veteran of the Battle of Mogadishu , in which he lost an arm a few hours before the conflict ended (it grew back in a couple weeks due to Nanite implants, but it still left a nasty scar). He has also participated in Operation Hoarfrost and the Battle of Lagunas de Chacahua, as well as many small skirmishes with The Vox Populi.

Strato pilots the RAMM Warglaive Ascendant suit, designed for 1v1 close-combat and taking down large targets. It's an agile melee harpy build in a stylish crimson color that is capable of fighting in high altitudes and space. Its weapons include a signature retractable glaive, a heavy assault rifle, a deployable shield on the left arm, and a head-mounted particle laser cannon, as well as two shoulder-mounted machine guns.

Suit Crunch (pdf Rules)

Health: 30 (+10)

Suit Variant: Medium

Construct: Harpy

Variant: Mobile

User Interface: Spinal Column

Armor: Experimental

Defense: Temperature Resistance II, Self-Repair I, Improved Hull, Pressure Shielding, Physical Shield, Electron Shield

Locomotion: Thrusters, Space Module

HUD: Enhanced Vision, External Status

Communications: Vocal, Communicator

Biology: Hydra Nanites

Utility: Collapsible

Weapons: Cutting Blades Rank 5, Medium Ballistics

Targeting: Full-Range Accurate Motion

Recharge Time: 1h/day

Pressure Resistance: 6(+4)

Strength: 2000 lbs.

Armor Design: 3(+6)(+2)

Height: 2.1m

Weight: 280 lbs.

Mobility: 52.5m (x15 Flight)

Air Supply: 2h

Abilities: 2000 lb. Lift, Flight, Temperature Resistance II, Regen 1, Space Module, 10x Zoom, Night Vision, External Status, Audio/Visual Comms., Accelerated Healing/Limb Regrowth, Collapsible