In case you wanted to make your character extra snowflake, some TE players have devised a serialization method for their suits. This has been added to the wiki as the Suit Type Designation system (STD). STDs are optional and available for everyone.

To give your character an STD, follow these steps:

First, Faction:

AC - Armor Corps

MQ - Moqaddas

HB - Hanse Behorde

TE - Tumblr Engineers

GI - Green Initiative

PC - Phoenix Collective

Next, Size Class:

XS - Mesh

LS - Light

MS - Medium

HS - Heavy

FS - Fortress

Then, combat purpose, followed by the first letter of the suit's name:

A_ - Attack

D_ - Defense

S_ - Support

And finally, variant/version number, followed by any possible squad callsigns or such:


White Falcon Kai - ACLS-AW6/G2 (Armor Corps Light Suit, Attack, White Falcon version 6, Gravediggers 2)

Other Methods

There have been propositions for changes to the second part of the STD, due to the majority of TE Suits falling into the "Attack" category.

Combat Purpose defined by engagement range:

CR - Close Range

MR - Medium Range

LR - Long Range

AR - Artillery

Combat Purpose defined by Specialization:

A_ - Assault

O_ - Ordinance

S_ - Support

Unique Methods

There may still be those who prefer to use unique serial numbers, if they chose to do so at all. Serials that don't adhere to any common system are collectively referred to as Alternative Individual Designation Systems (AIDS).

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