"Your weapons are useless! Give up and we'll let you run, you bastards!"


Tankfag without her suit.




(Not tellling!)



Occupations Mercenary

Elforce Alpha


S.S. Kshorwa Victory



The walking brick itself.

Large, heavy, and will take your plasma missiles to the face without stopping. 5 feet of alabaster-skinned foul-mouthed pseudo-elf overed in nine feet of redundant heat-resistant slabs of  heavy ceramic and elven steel. Tankfag will hold the line until the sun becomes a lump of coal.

Dismissing the Fae call as a honeytrap and one-way ticket to dissection, Tankfag is determined to see humanity rise to the same level as the elves. They have advanced medical technology, life-extending nanotechnology, faster-than-light travel, and they're not sharing. Time to take what the human race is due.

Tankfag's choice of suit was a gut reaction to the blazing streaks of other drop-pods falling from the sky, quickly grabbing heavy armour to weather any blow. She joined up with the Elforce not long after because the group seemed like stable enough fellow pilots, and with the world rapidly going to shit it's now safety in numbers.

PDF Suit Crunch [250]Edit

Superheavy (40)
Biped (0)
Armoured (10)
Controls (0)
Experimental (25)
Self-Repair II (15)
Improved Hull (5)
Temprature Resistance II (10)
Physical Shield (5)
Flares (5)
Pressure Resist (15)
Thrusters (15)
Enhanced Vision (5)
Navigation (5)
Thermal Vision (5)
Sonar (5)
Internal Status (10)
Vocal (0)
Communicator (10)
Hydra Nanites (10)
Progenitor Nanites (10)
Class 5 Hardpoint (5)
Class 5 Hardpoint (5)
Class 4 Heavy Ballistics (20)
Class 4 Heavy Ballistics (20)

AV 12, AV 14 in shield facing
PR 14

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