Tanna Island Campaign

Vanuatu - Tanna

Tanna Island


Location Tanna Island

Result Decisive

  •   Capture Alien Technology 
  • Annihilation of Tanna Island Suit Cult
  • Establishment of Deep Sky Coalition

Empyrean Knights


Tanna Island Suit Cult

Empyrean Knights

3 Airships

75 Exosuits


50 Exosuits

50 Drones

5 Deep Sea Taxis

179 Exosuits

~400 soldiers

~1000 militia

The Tanna Island campaign was the catalyst to create the Deep Sky Coalition between The Abyss and Empyrean Knights. A relatively large piece of debris from the fae spaceship was discovered

by both factions on an island in the pacific ocean. Unfortunately it was under the control of a relatively large Suit Cult. This suit cult had evolved from a polynesian cargo cult and clearly had no intention of understanding the suits or ship debris. The Abyss and Empyrean Knights had long been on friendly terms and frquently exchanged trade, information, and research. The two factions realized that the best chance for them to recover the alien technology was to work together to defeat the suit cult.

A joint opertaion was launched against the suit cult involving dozens of exosuits from each faction. Although outnumbered, combined Abyss and Empyrean Knight forces were able to defeat the cult and recover the alien ship debris. An agreement to share the knowledge and resources from the expedition was reached. This agreement eventually evolved into an alliance and named the Deep Sky Coalition.


Xl 34 tracker battle armor by peterprime-d74ii1u
The Tanna Island suit cult has discovered a piece fo the fae ship that had landed on their island. Inside was a myriad of alien technology, including a large number of suit pods. The islanders considered the suit pods to be a realization of their religious beliefs which involves material wealth and technology literally dropping from the sky.

Empyrean Knight Scouts discovered the large amount of alien equipment but command was hesitant to engage such a large force. Several days later, Abyss patrols had also discovered the island's situation.


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