"Alright, let's all come back in one piece !"

Handle Kail
Real Name Michel Valmont
Nationality French
Occupation Suit pilot
Factions Armor Corps
Specialty Troop coordination, artillery, drone control
Location Armor Corps
  • Fortress
  • Bio Leviathan
  • Dex: 1
  • Dur: 7
  • Pow: 5
  • Rec: 5
  • Spd: 3
  • Str: 5
  • Brainwave harness
  • Suit status, Advanced Suit status, Hawkeye, Radar, Sonar
  • Radio Transmitter, Defense Maze
  • Flight, Gills, Fins
  • Environmental controls I, II and III, Capacitor, Storage
  • Wave Motion Gun (mouth mounted)
Suit AI
  • Engineer
  • Light drones X4 (Laser rifles, Grenade Launchers), Heavy drones X2 (Particle Beam)
  • Hydra, Mycelium

The Pilot Edit

Personality Edit Edit

Kail is a rookie pilot in Armor Corps. He is an extremely cheerful person, and enjoys being able to pilot his suit along with other pilots. He gets attached to people extremly easily, and because of it, he tends to try protecting his fellow soldiers, by using his thick armor, or giving them advice based on the information collected by his suit.

He sees the suits as a second chance in life for him and the others, and intends to fully take advantage of this to become respected and praised.

AppearanceEdit Edit

A young adult with mud brown eyes, and dark blond hair, of average build, he likes to wear a white shirt, under or along the uniform of the Armor Corps.

Relations & AlliesEdit Edit

Being a rookie, he still hasn't met any friends in Armor Corps.

The Suit Edit

His suit, being a Leviathan frame, looks like a gigantic sea monster; with a Wave Motion Gun concealed in his mouth. He uses the WMG to support his drones and allies from a distance, while providing information about the ennemies thanks to his detecting equipment.

The Tarasque is built around the archetype of a multirole support suit, able to perform well in any environment, while being extrememy durable. His Leviathan field makes for a nasty surprise against land-based suits thinking they can get an easy kill.

Suit CrunchEdit Edit


Points avaible : 200

Body type : Leviathan (40) Bio (10)

UI : Brainwave harness (10)

Features : Gills (free) Fins (free) Flight (20)

Suit AI : Engineer (10)

HUD : Suit status (free) Advanced Suit status (5) Hawkeye (5) Radar (10) Sonar (10)

Comms : Radio transmitter (free) Defense Maze (10)

Weapons : Wave Motion Gun (20)

Upgrades : Environmental control I, II and III (free), Storage (free), Capacitor (20)

Nanites : Hydra (10) Mycelium (10)

Drones : Light drones (Laser rifles, Grenade launchers) X4 (10), Heavy drones (Particle beams)

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