Thatcher during the battle of New York

As of now, I am quite possibly, the worst person for you to have met.

The PilotEdit


Handle Thatcher
Real Name [unknown]
Nationality English
Occupation Search and rescue

The First sons

Location Buchanan, (Liberia, west africa)
Suit Name
  • light
  • Controller
  • Telepathy
  • Mind probe
  • Brain upgrade_3
  • Telekinesis 
  • Telekinetic sheild
  • Olfactory upgrade
  • Radio sensetivity
  • Electo sense
  • Thermal vision
Limbs (extra)
  • N/A
  • Electroylsis lung
  • Psycokinetic bolt
  • Domination
  • Mental assualt
  • Regeration
  • Reflex upgrade
  • Flight

Thatcher, as he has become to be known, was next to nothing before he was attacked and altered by a symbiote. He was a father and unemployed office clerk until he transformed. After the mutation he ran from home and wandered aimlessly before finding refuge with the First sons.

Thatcher was one of the first ever symbiotes to join with an armour group and has faced much contraversy beacuse of this. He has never loved who he is but has began to use his powers to help others and try and make people understand that not all Symbiotes are monsters. 

Thatcher is currently serving with the First sons in Buchanan.


Thatcher is an old school English man. His veiws mirror his name sake and he takes it upon himself to opitimise the steely resolve and ruthlessness of that infamous woman. Never the less he has a soft spot for women and children and hates to see either mistreated. He will go out of the way to protect them and unlike some of his kind will never consume human flesh. 

His transformation and the way people treated him caused him to have sever anxiatey and problems public speaking. He hates the lime light and finds it near impossible to take pride in anything he does. He is unbearbly modest.

Despite his mental issues, he is warming up to the first sons as if has been a long time since any one has treated him as an equal, much less as a freind.

Thatcher prefers the planned attack, being able to perfectly execute a manover is a strenght of his, although he is no stranger to thinking on the fly. His brain upgrades make him the teams planner and they often rely on his intellect in a tight space. 


Thatcher's face has a thin face, with hollow cheeks and sunken eyes.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Thatcher has had no relationships since he became a symbiote. He did have a wife and daughter who he no longer sees down to his transformation. He uses the money gained from his various adventures to keep their heads above water.

Thatcher is a member of the first sons . He respects the other members and would lay down his life for them simply for helping find a place he would not be perecuted.

The Suit Edit

Suit Crunch

Light 10

Controller 25

Telepathy 10

Domination 25

Shared sensors 5

Mind probe 10 

Brain upgrade 30 

Telekinesis (shield and bolt) 40

Electro sense 15

Radio sensitvity 10

Thermal vision 5

Electrolysis lung 10

Regeneration 15

Reflex upgrade 10

Flight 20