Alias The Dealer
Real Name Nathan Stranwood
Nationality American
  • Chairman and CEO of Genexus
  • Symbiotes

New York, New York

Two years after the Suitfall a man named Nathan Stranwood has risen amongst the most influential men in the country; going from modest living amongst the middle class to being amongst billionaires through seemingly calculated risk, determination, and some say the bad luck of his competitors.  Dealing in everything from Real-estate, to pharmaceuticals, to hydroponics and even some legal arms trade, Genexus is slowly becoming a global powerhouse as it plans to build facilities; including a research station in Antarctica. He donates a significant amount of his net earnings to charity and various individuals he sees fit to grant a wind-fall to. There have been some recent circumstances and rumors surrounding Mr. Stranwood and his company; mainly with the recent and troubling news of Symbiote attacks; and Mr. Stranwood's lobbying in congress to extend human rights to these individuals.This of course has caused a political uproar, and Genexus' stocks as a result have taken a 5% dive in value. It is also rumored that the XRC has sent in an investigation panel to his company, and demand that Mr. Stranwood come immediately to Geneva to face the charge of supplying terrorist organizations with weapons, and sheltering symbiotes.

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