Think of this like google doc, but on the wiki, and very visible. Throw any/all ideas here so they get saved for permanance instead of dieing on foolz or logged on the IRC. Seperate Topics by header for a neater organization.

NyuuLucy's Writefaggotry Edit

Stories, suit builds, NPCs, Lore, and all manner of autism, almost none of which is cannon. If you feel like reading or writing PACYOA inspired things that don't fit into either AD or TE settings maybe check it out.

PACYOA Rebuild Edition Edit

 A divergent setting based off of the original Armored Descent, the goal of which is to streamline and complete the first setting written by various anons under a consolidated page tag. Though only roughly half of the completed pages were added to the wiki in the end, the project is more or less considered complete by its maker and is no longer being worked on.

HardTarget's Idea AreaEdit

The part of the melting pot where HardTarget/Wolfrie tosses all his dumb ideas around, segregated from the rest of the wikia

The Dominion of Volvek || Armored Descent Timeline (Subject to Change, Any can View)

Tacit's Idea Corner Edit

Just a place for Tacit to put down setting ideas based on the PACYOA.

United Era: An space opera AU making the Human-Elf conflict the main conflict and eliminating the 4chan-reddit-tumblr conflict in exchange for a more serious war. CYOA categories and choices being written up here . Actual CYOA will be done when Tacit gits gud at photoshop or sucks enough dick for someone else to do it.

Honor and Steel: An Edwardian era AU that needs a better name. As of right now, it is only a general concept that can be found here along with the United Era concept outline. Work on this CYOA won't be started until United Era is completed.

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