The pack common marking
Faction Information
Name: The Pack
Current Leader: None
Established: August 2015
Base of Operations: None
Goals: None
Status: Disbanded

(For the Armored Descent faction this group is based off of, please see the Pack page.)

The Pack are a broken faction of outlaws pushed to the fringes of civilization. Steeped in the infamy of their past, the Pack are a dwindling memory of a once powerful force that stood to challenge to world and may one day do so again if given the chance.


The death toll of the Arrival was high for ordinary people, but an equal danger was present for those with Armor as well, as independent armors fought against one another and everyone else either out of greed or self-defense. As the death toll spiraled higher and the collateral damage worsened, some armors came up with the idea of forming a protective pact with one another, identified by a common symbol to serve as a warning for aggressor armors that an attack would be met with retribution from a much larger force. This pact made between a handful of like-minded individuals quickly grew to become the Pack, the very first of the Armored Factions and a name now synonymous with violence and savagery.

Initially, people joined into the pact simply out of a fear of fighting alone against the world. However, this quickly began to change as the faction grew in size and less vulnerable and meek personalities joined. Some joined the pact as a means to gain control over others, gaining followership by displaying their prowess in combat. Others joined simply looking for a way to escape retribution for their crimes, and this is what "The Pack", as they began to be called, became infamous for. The Pack took in anyone and anyone they could find, promising a unified front in the face of a world hostile to the ownership of power armor. Consequently, the Pack was seen as an apologist faction absorbing criminals and murderers into a massive force unassailable by police and military forces. The fear of the lurking threat the growing Pack represented to the world if provoked as a single force was immense, only further perpetuated by the Pack's continued ignorance, or inability, to filter out undesirables.

Months after the Arrival had come and gone, the roles had been reversed. Rather than the protective pact they had started out as and intended to be, the Pack had become a massive, multi-headed army of vandals, anarchists and murderers lashing out at every perceived threat to their well-being and full-out abusing the power of their Armors. Founders and early members alike had become disgusted with what their faction had become, but found themselves unable to leave for fear of their lives. Conversely, the Independent Armors, whose violence they had sought to rally against, now represented a rabble of individuals struggling to maintain their independence and their lives between the Pack and the public no longer able or willing to draw distinction between the two. To the public, the Pack were building an army to take the world on with. No international government wanted to be the one to provoke the Pack into war, but it was becoming increasingly apparent that something needed to be done before the Pack grew in size enough to truly become unstoppable.

Faced with either joining the Pack in their crusade of anarchy or becoming a third party hunted by both sides in the inevitable war, independent Armors began to group together and form factions of their own to resist the Pack's expansion, of which the Hunters and Crusaders became the most well-known. The Crusaders faced the Pack head on, disregarding the danger for the promise of seeing the Pack broken, while revengeant Hunters made grim examples of Pack figureheads. Suddenly facing a stubborn enemy openly fighting against them, and a much more elusive force selectively assassinating popular members, the Pack very quickly lost steam and began to fragment. Most returned to their independent status, saving face by obliterating symbols of their past allegiance and fleeing to the fringes of society to join other unaffiliated individuals. Some members of the Pack, those higher up in what amounted to the faction's leadership, continued to grimly hold on to their power as the faction shrank to a shadow of itself. What members of the Pack remain today are some of the hardest of fighters; stubbornly, savagely surviving in a world they are too deep into their outcast identity to rejoin, continuing to persist against the likes of the Crusaders and unforgiving Hunters.

Though the Pack was never given a chance to live up to the threat they posed to the world, the memory of that threat remains fresh in the minds of everyone. If the Pack had gone to war against the world, they would have left only anarchy in their wake. It is thought that if they were ever given an opportunity to regroup, the Pack might openly wage war against society out of revenge for being forced to the fringes of society. To this end, the Pack have been kept leaderless and scattered by the efforts of a number of vigilante groups, the Hunters foremost amongst them.

Today, most bands of Pack live egregious lives. In part, this is due to perceived persecution from the rest of the armored community, but time has shown that this is also by choice. While there remain movements to return the Pack to its former glory, or to reshape it into the credible threat that the world thought it would become, for the most part the Pack is simply spread too thin to do either. Unable to join regular society, the prospects for those uncommitted to the Pack are grim, and can only look forward to a lifetime of evading groups like the Hunters and living in the fringes of society like power armored animals. Others have embraced the ghost of the Pack wholesale and live their lives as the pillaging murderers they were always seen as.


The Pack was never a well organized faction. In their early days as nothing more than a local pact, they operated more akin to a mob than a proper group. This mentality remained no matter how large the Pack became, with no clear single leader. Various personalities rose to prominence amongst the Pack, but the extent of their control was limited to those that wished to follow them, and those that attempted to establish solidarity within the faction where generally met with apathy from those around them. The lack of any sort of leadership whatsoever eventually proved to be the undoing of the Pack, as it lead to their corruption as a group, prevented any sort of serious negotiation with outside entities, and made them highly susceptible to changes in overall morale, as was made evident when the Crusaders presented a solid position to them, and the Hunters began to eliminate what leaders they have.

The Pack of the present fare little better in organization. Even factions not explicitly vigilante in nature have a kill-on-sight policy regarding the Pack due to their reputation, and nations around the world have little patience for any group of armors number more than a handful encroaching on their territory without express permission. The efforts of groups such as the Hunters have seen to the Pack either being kept on the run or remaining well-hidden from any vectors of communication with their disparate parts. This means that the Pack are bound more by their past reputation than their actions today, and individual groups can differ from one another in ideals and conduct. Pack groups are lead by whoever gains the most followers, either through connections with the outside world, combat experience and ability, or simple personality.


Historically, the Pack had little want of numbers, and moved and fought in large groups of as many as thirty armors at a time. The lack of effective leadership and experience each individual armor had in combat at the time meant little with such huge numbers available, making a Pack impossible to fight head on. These days, the Pack fights very differently, no longer able to call upon the masses up armors they once had. Members of the Pack today often boast considerable experience fighting or evading the enemy due to their outlaw status. Members of the Pack must be expected to fight for themselves, and rely heavily on their own individual skills and abilities due their small unit sizes.

In both past and present tense, the Pack never discriminated against any weight class or build specification of armor, taking in anyone willing to join.

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