The PhilosopherEdit

Erik Apollo was a well-known man long before the Suitfall. He was a devoted believer in mankind's destiny of escaping its foolish and violent ways and ascending to a greater level of being through physical and spiritual completion. The strength of his vision and his gift for oratory meant he had many followers.

Apollo joined the founding of the Vox Republic in 2014, seeing in the birth of the new nation a sanctuary to finally persue his ideals away from the petty politics and fear-mongering of the rest of the world. He became a cabinet member of the Vox, working day and night to realize his dream of making a better man.

In 2016, "The Philosopher" was found mysteriously dead in his home in Nairobi. Before a cause of death could be ascertained, his home was burned down in a violent street fight. The fire reportedly destroyed the entirety of The Philosopher's private works.

Following his death, a statue of the beloved pacifist has been erected in Mogadishu.