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About the PilotsEdit

Pilots are the the people under the suit, and are spread out all over the globe, connected only by a somewhat common origin. While quite a few desire to remain unknown, a sizable minority enjoy the spotlight and embrace being what amounts to a celebrity.

Celebrity PilotsEdit

Some notable pilots have a dedicated following, and usually work by themselves as opposed for a government or group, though one or two are known leaders of organizations.

The AnarchistEdit

The Anarchist is the leader of the Vox Populi, identified as a terrorist group by most governments, probably because their end goal is to destroy those they deem to be corrupt and replace them with their own order.

The Anarchist was originally considered a bit of a rebel anyway, and with the suit that has only come out more. He desires more than anything seeing the end of the current governments, claiming that they are all 'inefficient pieces of shit' that should only be replaced.

The CardinalEdit

Leader of the faction known as the Crusaders, he has much of the same desires of The Anarchist in rebuilding the world, but desires to do that through non-violent means as opposed to declaring war. Being originally a member of the Peace Corps, he took on the armor and declared that he would lead everyone towards a better future. Lots of humanitarian aid organizations love him, and he's the poster boy for most 'Save the World' efforts.

The ClericEdit

Leader of the hunters, he is feared as well as loved. Feared by those who oppose or challenge him, as he shows them the wrath of a man who has lost everything he loved. Loved or respected by his followers, as he guides them into the future. His family was killed when he was attacked in his home by fellow suit owners when they learned he possessed a unique suit called "The Great Armaments".

Active PilotsEdit


-Copper Knight


-Mr Vodka






The CrusadersEdit


-Juggernaut Alpha

-Kepler Eureka


-Temple Wing

Desperado EnforcementEdit

-STHA-001 Storm Vanguard

Elforce AlphaEdit

-Aurora Angel






-Silver Knight

-Sir Maphe



-Eoria Bello Fiore

Empyrean KnightsEdit


-Raphus Cucullatus



The First SonsEdit

-Big Ben

-Fair play


-NK hazard





-HLRA-001 "Armageddon"


-LST-001 "Clairvoyance"

-MRCC-001 "Eradicator"

Outer HavenEdit





The PackEdit

No affliated suits


No affliated suits

Safety NetEdit

-Gáe Bulg

-Midwest Hospitality

-Mr Engie




Suit CultEdit

No affliated suits

Thunderbird Mail ServiceEdit




-Papa Wolf

-STHA-001 Storm Vanguard

-The Whale


-Stas & Evangelyne

Volitant HospitiumEdit

-Red Barron


Vox PopuliEdit


-HAMS-1107 "Yorrick"

-Storm Caller









-ISDC-01 "Silver Wind"

-Itsy Bitsy

-ISDC-02 "Halcyon"


-Knife head

-Liger Four





-Shelled Ajulind

-Strider Watcher


-The Neanderthal


-Silver Tiger



-The Predator

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