Welcome to the wiki! While we welcome new content, we observe a few basic rules that are necessary to:
  • Establish a timeframe and power level
  • Manage content that significantly impacts other content
  • Avoid perpetually unfinished or ambiguous content

Yes, we've had to enforce this, so please read the Power Armour CYOA Wiki Standards Guide before you begin! The Mandatory Material page is helpful in understanding some of the more obvious setting related devices.

Welcome to The Power Armor CYOA Wiki

This wiki was created to store content for the Power Armor CYOA, and to house discussions and role play for the Power Armor CYOA's universes.

People are encouraged to post armor builds, stories, and images, and discuss how on to improve their settings and lore.

Please read the Power Armour CYOA Wiki Standards Guide before you start editing.

Where can I stop by to get started?

Visit the Mandatory Material page to note some of the more obvious setting related devices.

Also, if your fluff/lore affects others, you will need to run it by those affected first. Elsewise be kind and tag your self with (category coming soon)

The Melting Pot is also a great place to throw out ideas on the core and be heard on the whole, so use it if you get an idea or the likes for community viewing (ideas explicitly not related to your own circle jerk, like Elf Sluts).

What's this all about?

This originally started on 4chan back in late 2013 with the posting of the original Power Armor Choice game (CYOA). A few months later, the game started getting it's own threads and people began creating new Choice games based off it. In order to preserve all of this creative content, this wikia was created.

Where can I find the CYOA?

You can find all of them on the CYOA History page.

Where can I find the Tabletop Version?

You can find the TRPG/Tabletop variants here. As a note, there are three separate systems, though only one (Armored Descent) is in common use.

Latest activity


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