The Predator Edit

I have Seen a lot of shit as a cop you are not even close to the worst of it buddy-The Predator to a member of the Hunters

Obama cares
The Predator
Handle Predator
Name Dylan Donnelly
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Freelancer
Factions None
Location Somewhere in the world

Pre-Suit fall Edit

Dylan Donnelly Lived in St.johns Newfoundland and Labrador Who made a Living as a Police Officer. He had a wife and 2 Children Ben and Connor.

Suit-Fall Edit

During The events of Suit-Fall a Pod Landed in his backyard where he acquired his Suit.Before the Symbiotes were discovered he used his suit to apprehend criminals for the RNC. After the Symbiotes attacked he said goodbye to his family he went to take them down. When he returned he found his Family murdered by members of the Hunters.After that Day left the RNC and went on a endless quest taking down criminal scum and maybe one day he will take down the hunters and Kill the Cleric.

Personality Edit

Dylan is very humorous if you somehow get to know him but very serious when it is time to get down to business. He can get very violent when people harm the innocent and shows no mercy to you if you are a member of the Hunters.

His SuitEdit



Body Type:Biped

Suit A.I:Caroline (an agent named after his now dead wife)

User Interface:Brain Implant

HUD:Suit Status, Advanced suit status,Night Vision,Thermal Vision

COMM'S:Terminal,Spyware,Defense Maze,Built in Radio Transmitter

Weapons:Tranqulizer Darts,Beam Sabre(Appears to be a Katana),Battle Rifle,Suit Control grenades

Defense:Emp Shield,Plasma Shield


Upgrades:Enviromental Control,Cyber Brain,Martial Arts,Storage,Ghost,Uplift Capacitor,Collapsible

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