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Vox Republic

Republica Vox
Motto: None
Anthem: None
Territory Controlled 2015
Capital: Mogadishu
Official Languages: English, Latin
Demonym: Vox, Voxsomali, Voxsomalian
Government: Meritocratic Autocracy
Legislature: President, Secretarial Cabinet
Formation: 29 August 2015
Area: 246,200 sq mi
Population: 10,132,029 (approx.)
Currency: Vox Shilling (VOS)
Faction Information
Name: Vox Republic
Current Leader: President "Anarchist"
Established: August 2015
Base of Operations:

Katafractarius Praesidium

Goals: The establishment of a successful meritocratic society

The preservation and expansion of the Republic

Status: Active

(For the Armored Descent faction this group is based off of, please see the Vox Populi page.)

The Vox Republic started as a small group of rebellious individuals whom desired to see a new government in the world; one that favored intelligence and productivity, but did not leave the less fortunate to rot in the streets. Contrary to popular belief, the Vox do not believe in an inherent superiority to anyone else; in the eyes of the Vox ideology, everyone is equal. However, the Vox also believe that positions of power, be they public, private or of governance, should only be occupied by those most qualified to fulfill them. In this way, the Vox encourage the most competitive society possible to eliminate inefficiency and corruption before it can take root, but also maintain the well-being of the commoner as a core tenant of their government. This way of thinking is often incorrectly compared to Communism by outsiders.

The Vox Republic is presently not recognized as an official body by any other nation.


The Vox Republic was established by the armored insurrectionist group, the Vox Populi, five weeks after the Arrival in 2015 and two weeks after their arrival in the country.
Somalia had not been spared of the effects of the Suitfall, and was dealing with a freshly ignited civil war when the Vox set their sights in the country. They saw it as the perfect place to put their ideals into action and build the land back up from the ground into a nation worthy of note.

The Vox easily infiltrated the embattled capital city of Mogadishu and toppled the government overnight, spending the next few days driving out and eliminating the soldiers fighting in the streets and houses of the city. Though the Vox Populi, as they were known at the time, was made up of idealists rather than soldiers, the capabilities of the armors they wore made it impossbile for the native Somalians to resist the takeover despite their enemies lack of combat experience.
With the government disposed of and the immediate threats eliminated, the ringleaders of the Vox Populi gathered in the Villa Somalia to discuss their next actions. Though the Vox populi had spent years prior to the Arrival dreaming of their ideal nation, now that the time to lay out the principles of the country had arrived, the decisions to be made could hardly be made in unanimity. After 11 days had passed, the leaders of the Vox Populi came to an agreement and announced the founding of the Vox Republic.
While the politicians debated, the warriors of the Vox continued to fan outward, clearing out dissenters where they found them and spreading the good news of the soon-to-be new republic and reporting back to the capital the extent of the damage caused by the second civil war. These expeditions allowed the new republic to establish a physical  presence over the former Somalian countryside with minimal loss of land incurred following the takeover.


Organization Edit

The Vox Republic only has one branch: the Executive Branch, making it strictly a Republic in name only. The President of the Republic heads the Executive Branch and has absolute control over all aspects of the government.
Though the President must possess a sharp political mind as dictated by the meritocratic principles of the Vox, he is able to call upon the knowledge and wisdom of a seven-man cabinet of officials consisting of a Secretary of War, a Secretary of State, a Secretary of Finance, a Secretary of Foreign Affairs, a Secretary of Public Works, a Secretary of Internal Security, and a Secretary of Scientific Affairs. Each secretary represents the head of his individual sphere of service and must be selected by contest like any other office of Vox government, ensuring that only the most intelligent and well-informed are able to assist the President.
As the President is the sole lawmaker of the Republic, only a unanimous vote by the cabinet can overturn or modify a law put into place by him.

Challenges and ContestsEdit

The terms for President and Secretary and not technically limited, but can be challenged by lower members of the government in six-month intervals. If the challenger can publicly prove his worth over the incumbent official, he will be immediately instated as the next holder of that position until he too is replaced by an individual more capable of holding his seat.
In a challenge, the only official requirement for a victor is that he clearly outperform his opponent in some quality pertaining to the desired position. The exact details are specific to each situation, with the only stipulation being that the contest must be held in public.

Vox Political FactionsEdit

Following the meritocratic law of the Vox, the heads of each party are the individuals most knowledgeable about their particular agenda, a position that must be one through standard Challenges. Political factions in the Vox work to groom their own leaders to Challenge the President himself for leadership of the nation

Pro HumanitasEdit

A socialist faction that also pushes for human development through medicine and technology. As such, Pro Humanitas is in fact against laws banning human experimentation and augmentation, being more than willing to write off the pains of the few for the scientific gains to be used for the benefit of the many.
The symbol of Pro Humanitas is a trio of gears arranged to resemble a heart

Neo RomaEdit

More of a cultural movement than a political faction, the Neo Romans are the ones responsible for the strong Roman themes of the Vox Republic. As Romanphiles, they continue to persist in forcing these themes onto new facets of the Vox government and nation as they appear. Neo Roma does not have an official symbol.

Vox EconomicaEdit

A political faction that represents the business interests within the Republic. Sparse as they are, they possess a grand position of importance concerning the sustainability and overall future of the Vox state. Their influence extends to the very top of the Vox government, where they provide economic and business insight to the President's cabinet on how to establish a profitable economy. Many of the common Vox citizenry do not trust the Economica, seeing them as having interests that do not necessarily line up with the well-being of the nation. The symbol of the Vox Economica is two stars, one normal and one inverted, balanced on a weighing scale.

Vox Radicalis Edit

A vocal political faction that takes the meritocratic philosophy of the Vox Republic to the extreme. The Radicalis scoff at the idea of equality and encourage a hypercompetitive society in which the strong lord over the weak. The symbol of the Vox Radicalis is a sun icon flanked by two inward-facing lightning bolts.

Vox MilitareEdit

Representing the military interests of the Vox, the Vox Militares aim to conquer other nearby territories to fuel their nation's growth. A fairly large number of armors are members of this group.


The Vox Republic has replaced the Somalian shilling with its own currency, the Vox Shilling. However, the destruction caused by the take over and dissolution of the former government and the effects of the Suitfall itself have destroyed the formal economy of the Vox Republic, making the Vox Shilling a less-than-worthless currency. By Republic decree, no new monies are to be printed until the strength of the VOS improves. Because of the devaluing of the national currency, the native Somalians have returned to a bartering system for the most part. Citizens closer to the new government are encouraged to used the VOS, but many of the original members of the Vox Populi have continued to use the USD they imported with them during the initial takeover, further damaging their own currency. In order to revitalize the economy of the Vox Republic, the Vox Economica party lobbied for Anarchist to cooperate with various mining companies from other parts of the world,allowing them unrestricted access to and use of the mineral deposits of Somalia in exchange for a share in the profits, as well as compensation for the Armored guards that stand watch over the mining operations to dissuade Islamic terrorists. Though it goes somewhat against the founding principles of the Vox Republic, one of which was to avoid allowing for corporate interests to affect government policies and vice verse. However, this pragmatic decision has saved the Vox Republic decades of time in reestablishing their infrastructure, and is currently its chief source of revenue until the government can reestablish other parts of its economy.


The native Somalians make up the vast majority (84%) of the Vox Republic. Comparatively, the Vox Populi, the foreign individuals whom arrived in Somalia and conquered the country, currently make up less than 1% of the total population. The Vox Populi, many of which possess Armors, occupy a disproportionately large amount of government positions. Combined with the fact that the new government has destroyed more than it has thus far managed to build and continues to make promises, many of the native Somalians feel they are merely the subjects of a destructive occupational government that has only brought the country back to its civil-war conditions when it had only just begun to rise out of them. Prior to the takeover, English was widely taught and used in Somalia, though it was not an official language. Following the establishment of the Republic, the official languages of Somalia, Somali and Arabic, have been replaced with English and Latin, a change that has angered many Islamic leaders in the primarily Muslim country. The natives are encouraged to use English exclusively, and are required to learn Latin if they wish to partake in politics.


The Vox Republic possess an Army, Navy, Air Force and Military Police. All of these branches underwent a period of reform at the turn of the millennium, and were required to do so again once the Vox Populi took over. The Vox Republic also possesses a fifth branch of military, the Katapharcti Corps, which is a branch of military wholly made up of Armors. All of these branches have their headquarters in Mogadishu.

Vox ArmyEdit

The ground forces of the Vox Republic. The Vox Army is still in the middle of significant restructuring following the takeover. The Vox currently possess around 10,000 volunteer soldiers, with plans for mandatory conscription of the adolescent populace being considered by the government. Many of these solders remained loyal to the Somalian government during the civil war, and their loyalty to the new government has yet to be earned. Fresh Vox soldiers are expected to undergo six weeks of basic military training, after which they will be issued an AK-47 assault rifle, three spare magazines, Flak jacket, helmet and a combat knife, and then be assigned to a unit.

Vehicle-wise, the Vox army largely possesses Cold War-era Soviet machines, with a few other vehicles from other countries at around the same time period claimed, as well as somewhat more modern examples from the United States having been donated or sold to the former government in the past. Many of these vehicles were abandoned or destroyed during the civil war, and the Vox Army is still conducting an inventory of their remaining motor pool and assessing what can be reclaimed and repaired.

Prior to the suitfall, the Army was known to possess 40 British Centurions, 60 Russian T-34s and 40 T-54/55s, as well as roughly 400 APCs of various marks, again mostly from the former Soviet Union. In terms of Artillery, the former Somalian military had over 200 units of several types of towed field cannons. They are also known to possess about 250 anti-aircraft guns, again of Soviet make.

Vox NavyEdit

The Vox Navy is extremely small, possessing only a small number of fast attack craft, patrol boats and amphibious landers. There are presently no plans to expand the Navy further, due to the priority the Army has concerning the security of the Republic's borders against its neighboring countries. Coastal security is largely left to the Republic's naval Kataphrakti.

Vox Air ForceEdit

The Vox Air Force possess over 30 fighter-bombers, the bulk of which are Chinese Shenyang F-6 fighter-bombers. The most advanced fighter jet in its inventory is the MiG-21, though it currently possesses only 3 of these planes. The Vox Air Force also has 14 transport planes as well as 17 utility helicopters. The military hopes to acquire more MiG-21 fighter jets or heavy cargo planes once the funds become available to do so.

Military PoliceEdit

Also known as the Republic Guard, the Vox's use of a military police to control and protect the populace is seen as an unfortunate but necessary requirement given the recent civil war prior to the takeover, as well as several instances of domestic terrorism from a resurgent radical Islamic faction. Republic Guard are considered more elite than soldiers in the Army, and are issued reproduction Russian PPSh-41 sub machine guns in order to better carry out their role as urban enforcers. They receive additional training over their Army counterparts and are given special uniforms to denote their status.

Kataphrakti CorpsEdit

The Kataphrakti Corps are a branch of Vox military made entirely of Armors. The core of this unit is made up of the original armors of the Vox Populi which spearheaded the takeover of the Somalian government. Given the number of battlefield roles even a single armor can fulfill, the Kataphrakti make up a substantial proportion of the Republic's military strength, though lack of proper military training and experience has severely limited their effectiveness. The Kataphrakti Corps headquarters is located in Mogadishu, as with the other branches of the Republic's military, where they have begun to build a base of operations. This complex, the name of which has been  poorly translated into Latin to literally mean "Armor Base", is hoped to provide the Kataphrakti Corps with an effective command center, hangar and training facility once completed. That this project has been given priority ahead of rebuild efforts in other parts of the country speaks of the armor's importance to the Vox Republic, a fact well understood by the Kataphrakti and felt by other facets of the Vox's society.

Presently, the Kataphrakti Corps has a very hands-off approach to its organization, and are mostly concerned with filling the roles left open by a poorly-equipped and penniless military and government.

Armor Factions
The Crusaders, Desperado Enforcement, The Hunters, The Pack, The Safety Net, TSS, UNAP, The Vox Republic

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