Name Victor Grey
Handle Wanderer
Nationality British
Occupation Suit Pilot
Factions Armor Corps
Location Kent, England


  • Wanderer
Armour/Body type
  • Light/Hunter
  • Dexterity: 7
  • Durability: 2
  • Power: 2
  • Recovery: 4
  • Speed: 4
  • Strength: 2
User Interface
  • Brain Implant
  • Engineer (Pixel)
  • Adv. Status
  • Hawkeye
  • Thermal
  • Radar
  • Radio Transmitter
  • Terminal
  • Comm Buoy
  • Defence Maze
  • Beam Sabre (Longsword)
  • Laser Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Heavy Shield
  • Crowd Control
  • Suit Control


  • Scout Drone
  • Light Drone x2

Pulse Rifle - Grenade Launcher

  • Medium Drone

Ion Cannon - Natural Weapons

  • Capacitor
  • Environment Controls I/II/III
  • Collapsible I/II
  • Storage
  • Grappling Hooks
  • Uplift
  • Ghost
  • Kinetic Stabilisers
  • Progenitor


The PilotEdit

Little is known about Victor at this point, other than the fact that he's British and has a penchant for rich tea biscuits and a good cup of tea.


Stoic, Pragmatic and Reserved. Victor likes to think he has his own code of honour, however it's more accurate to say he goes with his gut feeling more often than not.


Below Average Hight. Shaven Head. Stubbled jaw. Victor habitually rolls up his sleeves to the elbow for reasons unknown even to himself. Can often be seen wearing an old pair of navy Converse and a overcoat in colder climates.

Relations & Allies

Team Aegis

The SuitEdit

The Wanderer, powered battle suit, a light weight class suit designed primarily for tactical support.

Due to the suits comm suite and array of combat drones, it's possible to act independently while retaining a high degree of operational effectiveness.


Wanderers AI, having been uplifted, began to develop a personality. The AI took the form of an orb of green blocks, the individual blocks swirling and floating around each other, and as such Victor named the AI, Pixel.

Pixel began to show its Engineer heritage, becoming very inquisitive and curious at every new sight.


The primary offensive weapon used by Wanderer is the Laser Rifle. While low in damage output, the rifles extreme accuracy and fire rate more than make up for its weak punch.

For more intimate encounters, Wanderer uses a Beam Longsword and when necessary a Shield.


- WIP - 

Wanderer has taken part in:

Get Back to Le Roddit Edit

+15 Points

Dust to DustEdit

+15 Points

Unlikely HeroesEdit

+30 Points

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