"Everything has a price"

Handle RAS-36 "X the truth"
Real Name Unknown.
Nationality Unknown.
Occupation Unknown.
Factions Phoenix Collective
Specialty Man of honor.
Location Near the bermuda triangle.
X the truth
  • Medium
  • Amphibiuos
  • Predator
  • Dex: 0
  • Dur: 0
  • Pow: 0
  • Rec: 0
  • Spd: 0
  • Str: 0
Suit AI

The PilotEdit

"Who cares"- usually said after killing someone.

WeXtheHeX is one of the many gifted with the power armors. Although there is a record to keep the data of the armor users, there is little known about him because he don't care. What we only know for sure is that he is aproximately 24 years old. Another true fact is that he is a fan of the japanese robot anime series and always dreamt to pilot a mech or power suit. His favorite food is ice-cream. It is also known that he is a big fan of the tv series "the X files". He used to practice Judo and loves a good sparring.

Personality Edit

An easy-going person, he rarely gets angry. his tongue is like a sharp blade, but in the end he only want to tell the truth. He's also pretty shy, blunt and weird, well, he used to spend all his days to participate in IBs, playing video games, studying ufo or paranormal related archives and watching mecha anime. He is also a night crawler. He likes to party.

Appearance Edit

He is rather bald, with a long beard trimmed with 3 braids. His hair is black, heights approximately 1,80 meters, weights nearly 80 kilos and has an athletic body type altough he isn't very muscular.

Relations & AlliesEdit

Being a lone wolf, he rarely team up. It is for sure that he have some friends, but how many or who?. Nobody knows. As a mercenay, he goes where the money, or rather his interests, are. 

The SuitEdit

"Space is where i wan to left my dead body"- this is written on his tesatament.

Being a super robot fan really got the color preferences for his suit, being mostly platinum with touches of gold and also holographic paint giving it a pretty rainbow-sparkling effect and also shouting that he is part of the phoenix collective. He constructed his suit in order to have to ability to travel trough the space. The suit also has a sentient AI.

Suit Crunch

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