"Stalin's House" Edit

Handle Commie
Real Name Yuri Záitsev
Nationality Russian
  • Aeronautic
    • Engineer.
    • Reseacher.
  • Military tank crewman.
Specialty Heavy armor
Location Moscow Quarters






Model 25 (HRF)





  • Dex: 2
  • Dur: 7
  • Pow: 5
  • Rec: 1
  • Spd: 6
  • Str: 5
  • Manual
  • Suit Status.
    • Advanced.
  • Floodlights.
  • Radio
  • Radar
  • Comm Buoy
  • Defence Maze
  • Natural weapons.
  • Skates.
  • 2 Extra arms.
  • 1x Natural weapon.
  • 1x 40mm GL
  • 1x Flamethrower.
  • 1x Pulse Rifle
  • 1x Power Fist
  • 1x Rocket Pod
Suit AI
  • Engineer AI
  • 2x Heavy shields
    • Battering Ram
  • 4x Heavy drones.
    • 2x Autocannons.
    • 1x RPG
    • 1x Ion Cannon

The PilotEdit

Personality Edit

Záitsev is a selfish ironic and annoying person, most of the time found drunk next to his fortress crew, making jokes about how X is Y.

He isn't really what's to be called mean, but kind of annoying if you don't get his jokes or don't like him personally, once given the oportunity to meet this man he can prove to be a worthy ally and show his real personality on the battlefield.

While not the best person, definitely not a bad guy and good choice to get drunk with.

Russian harsh personality, patient observer and decided make this man one of the best handling mechas like his.

Appearance Edit

He is a Slavic man, about 6' 5'', he seems to be in his mid twenties. He walks straight and talks with a deep russian accent, smelling like alcohol and tobacco. He has long, dark brown half banged hair, complemented with a full brown beard that he lets it grow most of the season, ocasionally shaving it for a month or so, his face is battle hardened and he has a hard look along with a scar on his neck getting loose on his clothes.

His shoulders are really broad, his neck is very wide and his arms are big and obviously mechanical, they make more noise than the other mechanical parts on him, they have some mechanical parts stepping out from the clothes, like a mechanical lever on his right thigh.

The SuitEdit

The "Red star" CMRHF M25 called as a pun to the suit's pilot ethnic, is a heavy suit with major communications equipment that serves as a full frontal assault fortress and HQ.

This suit has the option to convert into a rolling ball, that allows it to travel giant speeds and go underwater, while supporting the pressures.

Its four arms allow a manipulation of all the weapons at once, manning the power fist on the upper right, the rifle on the lower right, Rocket pod on right shoulder, Grenade launcher on left shoulder, a Horn in the "Head" or bridge, and a flamethrower on the left upper.

Fortress' Crew.Edit


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